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We are a production company specialised in the documentary and non-fiction genre, consolidated in the audiovisual sector for more than twelve years. The main idea that moves us can be summed up in a phrase of the master Víctor Erice: “To start from reality in order to give reality the truth of fiction”.

For us, cinema is a vital experience, a way of communicating with the world and with others. We throw ourselves into the creative process as a child would, awake and intuitive. We believe in poetry, in the power of images over words, in contemplation, in nature and in deep observation.

We do not build for the camera, we adapt our position to find the most faithful and at the same time creative point of view to tell the story. This way of working is not at odds with a sharply cinematographic style. That is why we use the narrative tools of fiction to create a cinematic reality.

Octavio Guerra holds a degree in Information Sciences from Valencia, where he studied the Ibero-American Masters in Film and Television Scriptwriting at the Foundation for Audiovisual Research (FIA). His feature film “Searching for Oscar” premiered at the Berlin Critics’ Week. He directed the short documentary “Russians’s Machine”, nominated for the Goya Awards. He has also been the director of the documentary series “Acción Directa” for TVE and director of the documentary series “Six Dreams” for Amazon Prime, awarded by the National Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences of the United States with the Emmy for the best Spanish-language entertainment programme.

Elisa Torres, producer with a strong independent and authorial approach to non-fiction. She has produced “Searching for Oscar”, premiered at the Berlin Critics’ Week, and the short films “Russians’s Machine”, nominated for the Goya Awards, “Apache”, winner of the Berlanga Award from the Valencian Audiovisual Academy, and “Heurtebise”, considered by Caimán Magazine as one of the ten most outstanding short films of 2021. Her projects have taken part in festivals such as BAFICI, Goteborg, Raindance, Málaga, SEMINCI and Gijón, as well as in international markets such as Berlinale Co-production Market, IDFA Docs for sale, and DOK Leipzig. She has also developed projects in WIPs and laboratories such as Lau Haizetara – SSIFF, Agora Docs in Progress – Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Corner DocLisboa – Nebulae, Semilleru Lab – FICX and MECAS – LPA Film Festival.

“The filmmaker puts reality, improvises his frames, his movements or his shooting times, subjective choice of which the only key is his personal inspiration. And, no doubt, the masterpiece is reached when this inspiration of the observer is in unison with the collective inspiration observed.”