Since its foundation in 2010, Calibrando Producciones is a production company specialized in documentary and non-fiction in Valencia and the Canary Islands. We have collaborated on more than 100 chapters for different television series and produced abundant short and long works with a markedly cinematic seal. We bet for content with cultural, educational and social value. Our long experience in the documentary and nonfiction genre has specialized us in International Cooperation projects.


Documentaries or documentary series for film and television.
– Corporate MiniDoc with social themes for Institutions, Foundations and NGOs


We advise for documentary and non-fiction projects at any stage of development, production and post-production.
Guide: Choose a good and original way to tell a story of reality.
Development: Creation of folders to apply to laboratories, national and international aid.
Production: Depending on the project you will have one strategy or another.
Production: We guide you not to lose track. Strategic preparation of Work in progress / Rough Cut


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