Calibrando Productions is a film company specialized in documentaries and non-fiction that works in Valencia and the Canary Islands. The main idea that moves us is summarized in a phrase of the teacher Victor Erice: “Take reality to give reality to the truth of fiction.” For us, cinema is a vital experience, a way of communicating with the world and with the others. We launch into the creative process as a child, awake and intuitive.We believe in poetry, in the power of images above the word, in contemplation, in nature and in deep observation .


“The filmmaker puts reality, improvises his frames, his movements or his shooting times, subjective choice of which the only key is his personal inspiration. And, no doubt, the masterpiece is reached when this inspiration of the observer is in unison with the collective inspiration observed “JEAN ROUCH.

Our way of working is based on the observation of reality, in intuition, in inspiration. Continuing with Jean Rouch’s film reference, we face a capricious reality that we can not always anticipate or control, nor would it be our purpose to do so. We do not build for the camera, we adapt our position to find the most faithful and at the same time creative point of view to tell the story. This way of working is not at odds with a sharply cinematographic style. That is why we use the narrative tools of fiction to create a cinematic reality.